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Number 56?

Posted in telling it like it is with tags , , on May 13, 2009 by samsondoggie

I suppose it was a futile endeavor to put me in a football uniform.  When I think of 7th grade, I remember how my height and weight flat lined.  Around me, boys were growing, sprouting mustaches, stinky sweat, and cracking voices.

It made no sense that I would play football.  But, playing football tempted me. I already loved the sport. I spent many Sundays watching professional players beat each other up.   Like any childhood sporting fascination, my interest was partially focused on the costumes.  In football, the players strutted in muddy pants.  There was grass stuck in their face masks. The lineman left the field with blood dripping through the athletic tape on their knuckles.

Still, I was less than 98 pounds, less than even a standard weakling. I was certain, though, that if I could get into pads and stretch a nice blue jersey over my new neck brace, that I would be a terror just like my Sunday heroes.

To get a uniform of my own, I had to go to Mr. “Tortoise’s” room for some “issue.” Mr. Tortoise was about 5’2″ and 180 pounds.  He had a booming New Hampshire accent and he Continue reading

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