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The rains came today

Posted in five questions with tags on May 20, 2008 by samsondoggie

What did you have for dinner?  Well, when strong winds and heavy rains swept through Durham County at 4:40 today, it canceled our picnic at John’s new school.  We had a make-do:  fried eggs and waffles. Maybe there is some beauty in a simple meal, anyway.  

What’s going on in Durham?  How was the ride home?  I fled my office as the rains grew.  Although I am a part of the Smart Commute Challenge, today would have been a better day to drive.  How Continue reading


Sunday, Sunday

Posted in five questions with tags , , , on May 18, 2008 by samsondoggie

What did you have for dinner? Chicken soup!

Rosie, what was your favorite thing about the Holy Family picnic at Storybrook Farm? Playing with Father Timothy.

John, what did you like the best about today? Playing catcher.

Adam, same question: Hitting to the opposite field during softball practice.

How are things with the garden? Right now, its all about drainage.  We spent most of Saturday afternoon working on building two very large new beds.

It was delightful.  John and Rosie worked on Turkey Mountain.  Susie pulled up ivy.  I turned soil.  I mowed the lawn.  Simple stuff, but it really feels good after a long trip away from home.

Getting them ready for planting might still be a long way off, though.  The bed in front of our new retaining wall is full of water.  I need to raise the bed and find a way to flow some water out of the soil.  The new beds on the side of the house are in full sun.  In time, they’ll be the site of sunflowers, tomatoes, and rosemary.  There is plenty of water there in the spring, but the clay turns to rock in the summer.  I need to build out the beds with more manures and compost.  I expect to build at least two four by four squares in that area with heights of more than 8 inches.

Five More Questions

Posted in five questions on May 6, 2008 by samsondoggie

What did you have for dinner?  Ziti with italian sausages, glass of H20.  

John, what was exciting about today? I brought some webkinz to lunch bunch.

Rosie, tell me about your day:  Daddy, you left your keys in the door.  When are you coming back from Haiti?

How did you change the world today? I wrote two blog entries, sent an email blasts, and redesigned a page on our web site. I went to a board meeting for Holy Family Day Care.  My new digital recorder came today.  I got travel insurance.  We had a lunch date at Chubby Taco.  We ate lunch.  At the Chubby Taco.  That was it.  I had a burrito, Susie had a gordita.

Key statistics: 4.3 miles run, 4.1 miles biked. 2 ballots cast.


May 5th

Posted in five questions on May 5, 2008 by samsondoggie

What did you have for dinner?  Salmon, with french beans and basmati rice.  

John, tell me about Salisbury:  We played with Mary.  (Mary is a stray cat).  Mary is brown, and black, and white.  You know what?  We fed her.  She didn’t drink any of Mac’s milk. She ate some food.

Rosie, tell me about Mary:  We should buy one.  

Did you regret anything about today?

Funny that you mention it, but yes.  We played strikeouts in tonight’s game against the Green Team.  Noah and John both struck out.  Playing strikeouts put tears in some eyes.  “The best part about baseball,” says John, “is when you get to wear the catcher’s equipment.  The worst part is when you don’t get to run the bases.”

What’s going on in North Carolina? Obama gave a talk at Cree this morning, then flew to Evansville.  Bill Clinton made nine stops, from Morganton to Raleigh, before stopping at campaign headquarters.  Hillary was in Greenville and Roxboro.  Michelle Obama was in Fayetteville and Charlotte.  McCain had a $2300 per person dinner in Charlotte.

I do not expect any surprises.  We had several thousand people at the Strawberry Festival in Durham’s Central Park on Saturday, but no one at the Clinton office six blocks away knew about it.   

Bonus sixth question:  How many miles on the bike today?


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