New Dodo

Most times, the best idea that comes out of a staff meeting is the decision to end it. When Peter suggested that we do just that, I agreed.

“Give me your keys,” he said. “I’ve got to show my place to a potential tenant in a few minutes.”

Peter normally drives a truck, but today, perhaps because everyone is mad at BP or perhaps because it is bike to work week, or perhaps for some other reason, he rode in on his Trek.

“Sure,” I said, “but don’t put the pedal down too fast. Remember, you probably aren’t used to that kind of power.”

Before I knew it, Peter was down the hall and out the door. I sat down at my chair and tried to catch up on a few things. I could hear Cara laughing.  She was looking down on the parking lot from our window in the back.

“Peter,” she said, “that is the wrong car.”

Peter is sitting in a grey Volvo s60, trying to use my keys to turn on the ignition. Except, I don’t have an s60. I have an S40. Our tenant downstairs has the s60. I can imagine the trouble Peter was having with my key. It is stubby and it wouldn’t fit in a normal switch.

“Well,” Peter said, “then where is the car.”

That is when I remembered that I had walked. I tried a save: “Peter,” I said, “Did you lose my car,” but it was too late.

John says that I should get Dodo for that.


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