Song of Bradford County, Florida

I just want to live in a gated golf club community, from the 170s

or in the Rolling Villas RV park

where I can enjoy delicious cajun or regular boiled peanuts

I don’t want to play games

unless it is at the Mudd Bogg

at the Hampton Mudd Motor Authority

across from Cafe Risque

I will take my guns, freedom, and money

You keep your change.

These are end times.

Wedding Photographer, $350

Vasectomy Reversal available

no scalpel

The wrap on the Chrysler Sebring says 24-7 fitness

Ted Bundy breathed his last here.

We have four prisons, three death row cell blocks, two private correctional institutions, and one puppy rescue.

I have a friend in Starke

the clerk at the Holiday Inn

He trades investment properties

they get $700 per month from Section 8

There is always hope here



One Response to “Song of Bradford County, Florida”

  1. dkiddoo Says:

    (loud, sustained applause)

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