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Time to make up your own mind

Posted in hit bull win steak with tags on October 20, 2008 by samsondoggie

Sunday afternoon might have been one of the last warm days for some time.  We decided to get out on the American Tobacco Trail and have a family bike ride.  It is a great trail.  It goes about 12 miles south, down to Chatham County.  It used to be a rail corridor.  Now it is paved with a bridges.

This is the first year that Rosie has been able to pedal on her own.  Last year, she usually rode on the back of Susie’s seat, in a jury-rigged car seat apparatus.  Now she has a pink bike with handlebar streamers.

Samson came along, too.  In fact, Samson pulled me for most of the way.

In all, I suppose that we went about 5 miles.  That was a good trip for Rosie.  In the wee hours, though, it caught up with her.

“Mommy,” she said.  “I think my knee is broken!”

Susie woke up.  “Where, sweetie?”

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