School Days

This week John and Rosie began school.  For John, Tuesday was his first day at Montessori Children’s House of Durham.  For Rosie, its the same school as last year (Beth El), but this is the first year where she is going without the presence of an older brother.  No John in the hallway to look out for her.

Rosie started on Wednesday.  She got up before I did, so that she could work on her outfit.  She chose pink Chuck Taylor high tops, pink sweat pants, a purple skirt, and a striped green and blue tank top.  Over the tank, she put on a blue jean skirt.  Its two years old, and where it once ran to her knees, now it acts as a second top.  There is a pink doggie with hearts embroidered on to the jean top.  Oh, and she had a few accessories, too.

Rosie won “Most Creative Dresser” among her classmates last year.  I don’t know where she gets her interest in fashion.  It is not genetic.  I don’t think Kathy is rubbing off on her, either.

I like the format at John’s school.  Every day he gets a “work.”  Today, his “work” was drawing a card with a number on it, and then picking out that number of sea shells from a shelf.  With the shells, he can play with them, or he can put them back and draw again.  At the end, he has to pick it up or else he cannot go on to the next stage of “work.”  I like that I can ask him about what “work” he did today.  Its a question whose message seems to survive across the chasm from parent to child.  I think about the vague answers I gave my parents…

“We did stuff, a lot, with the teacher,” was about how I usually reported my day at the table. “Just like last time.  You know!”

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