Wedding at St. Anthony Falls

Exhausted.  I think my kids are beyond that zone after this weekend.  we went to Minneapolis for the wedding of my sister to her betrothed.  It was a great time.  There was a late night on Friday for the rehearsal, then an even later one the night of the wedding.  In between, there were airplane rides and water parks and long walks through city streets in search of dinner or the Guthrie Theater.

I will remember seeing a lot of the friends of my parents from Connecticut.  Most of them are now in the last years of their careers.  Twenty years ago, they were driven professionals making a stop in the suburbs of New York.  A few stayed, most went on to South Carolina or Georgia or Florida.  They’re solid people.  These are good years, where they are largely free of the responsibility of their job or of children.  They are still healthy and going places.

It was a great weekend.  John kept asking if we could travel more.  He wants to go to India and Russia and perhaps to Europe, as he has never been there.  Minneapolis is such a progressive city.  They have made a huge commitment to a lot of the good things — the arts, transit, immigrants, and parks.

As I dress in the quiet of a June morning in North Carolina, neither my kids or my wife notice or stir.  Its already 94 degrees.  I guess it has been 100 for all four of the days that we were gone.

Miles ridden: 6.2.

Inbox emails: 144.

What did you have for dinner? Tilapia in olive oil with ginger, garlic, and dill.  Broccoli, rice.


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