The rains came today

What did you have for dinner?  Well, when strong winds and heavy rains swept through Durham County at 4:40 today, it canceled our picnic at John’s new school.  We had a make-do:  fried eggs and waffles. Maybe there is some beauty in a simple meal, anyway.  

What’s going on in Durham?  How was the ride home?  I fled my office as the rains grew.  Although I am a part of the Smart Commute Challenge, today would have been a better day to drive.  How strong were the winds?  So strong!  So strong, that when I was cruising down Geer Street, I was careening into the gutter from the force of the wind’s propulsion.  I stopped and waited for a while underneath a doorway to the hardware store.  

John, how was your day?  It was great!  We had a lunch bunch.  

Give me some official statistics.  I like real numbers, not all of this opinion.  Miles ridden: 4.2  Miles run: 4.25.  Burritos eaten: 1.0. 

Rosie is just getting over having naps.  She ran out of gas during dinner.  It was cute.  She was asleep by 7:15.  



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