Get back to work

I went back to the office today, after being out for almost six days (minus a short visit on Friday.) Not much has changed.  Its still creative, and there is time to go out for coffee.

What did you have for dinner? A burrito with chorizo, green chiles, rice, and cheddar cheese.  A Whole Foods Oreo cookie.  This is the dessert for people who want to worry about something.  I mean, can a cookie really distinguish itself from the competition on the grounds that it is healthy?

John, how was your day? It was awesome! We had playgroup over here.  Roberta and Phillipa and Webb and Elijah! We threw water balloons.  We played in the sprinkle.  We rollie-pollied down the hill.  We ate some honeysuckle!

Rosie, tell me something: I want to show you something, she says.  Rosie then proceeds to jump and do a split in mid-air.

What happened to manufactured housing today? Well, there is a park for sale in Raleigh.  We have to thwart its rezoning to have a chance at acquiring it.  Orange County likes the idea of doing a market analysis on all of its parks.  The park in Burnsville wants to get an Affordable Housing Program allocation, provided that we can document that all of the residents make less than 50 percent of area median income.  Since AMI is about $40,000 and most of them earn between $8,000 and $15,000 per year, the only hurdle is showing it on paper.

My high school published a six page profile of my book in the alumni bulletin.  I feel a bit funny about that, since the rest of my class is spending its time closing private equity deals or doing securities class action work.

What’s going on with the Royals? The Red Sox pitcher no-hit the Royals tonight.  While its a great accomplishment for a player who had cancer just 18 months ago, it is still a shame for a team that had won six of last seven games.

Do the Red Sox always have to get the glory? Because the Red Sox are on ESPN every hour on the hour, their fans get a little impatient for constant affirmation.

The story notes that the last time the Red Sox got a no-hitter was Sept. 18th.   Is that really a long time? The season ended in October and only resumed in April.  It is never easy playing at Fenway.  Tonight, the Royals tried that with a rookie starting pitcher.


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