Sunday, Sunday

What did you have for dinner? Chicken soup!

Rosie, what was your favorite thing about the Holy Family picnic at Storybrook Farm? Playing with Father Timothy.

John, what did you like the best about today? Playing catcher.

Adam, same question: Hitting to the opposite field during softball practice.

How are things with the garden? Right now, its all about drainage.  We spent most of Saturday afternoon working on building two very large new beds.

It was delightful.  John and Rosie worked on Turkey Mountain.  Susie pulled up ivy.  I turned soil.  I mowed the lawn.  Simple stuff, but it really feels good after a long trip away from home.

Getting them ready for planting might still be a long way off, though.  The bed in front of our new retaining wall is full of water.  I need to raise the bed and find a way to flow some water out of the soil.  The new beds on the side of the house are in full sun.  In time, they’ll be the site of sunflowers, tomatoes, and rosemary.  There is plenty of water there in the spring, but the clay turns to rock in the summer.  I need to build out the beds with more manures and compost.  I expect to build at least two four by four squares in that area with heights of more than 8 inches.


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