May 7th

What did you have for dinner? Penne with broccoli, pancetta, and red onion in olive oil.

John, was it a good day? Yes, Dad.  Will was my friend.  He let me stand next to him.  Mr. John took our picture today.

Rosie, how about you? Yes, we picked strawberries!

What kind of things happened? Our shipment of 18,000 vitamins came in from Med Express. That will make a meaningful difference to the health of the kids at Ecole Notre Dame in Molas, Haiti. I voted a bunch.  I built out our communications list. I wrote about Fannie Mae. Our neighbors sold their home, in two weeks, for thirty percent above 2008 appraisal value.  A doctor and his wife, from Nashville, are moving in.  They want to put a fence in the backyard for their dog.  They do not have any children. 

Susie, how about you? I had dinner out with Donna at Alivia’s

Key statistics: Miles run: 2.5.  Miles biked: 2.2 Steak soft taco’s consumed: 1



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