May 5th

What did you have for dinner?  Salmon, with french beans and basmati rice.  

John, tell me about Salisbury:  We played with Mary.  (Mary is a stray cat).  Mary is brown, and black, and white.  You know what?  We fed her.  She didn’t drink any of Mac’s milk. She ate some food.

Rosie, tell me about Mary:  We should buy one.  

Did you regret anything about today?

Funny that you mention it, but yes.  We played strikeouts in tonight’s game against the Green Team.  Noah and John both struck out.  Playing strikeouts put tears in some eyes.  “The best part about baseball,” says John, “is when you get to wear the catcher’s equipment.  The worst part is when you don’t get to run the bases.”

What’s going on in North Carolina? Obama gave a talk at Cree this morning, then flew to Evansville.  Bill Clinton made nine stops, from Morganton to Raleigh, before stopping at campaign headquarters.  Hillary was in Greenville and Roxboro.  Michelle Obama was in Fayetteville and Charlotte.  McCain had a $2300 per person dinner in Charlotte.

I do not expect any surprises.  We had several thousand people at the Strawberry Festival in Durham’s Central Park on Saturday, but no one at the Clinton office six blocks away knew about it.   

Bonus sixth question:  How many miles on the bike today?



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