Five Questions

Samson Doggie puts into play on this evening a new format for blog entries.  The new idea, blatantly purloined from Nice Shirt, Kid, is to answer a few questions about our day.  Actually, this isn’t a very new idea.  My dad asked me this question a lot.  About every day for 14 years, actually.

First Question goes to John:

How was your day?:  Great.  I did the paddle boats.  We did it alright.  I did it with Rosie and Mom and Abraham.  We went on a big lake.  

John went on paddle boats at Dan Nicholas Park in Rowan County.  

Rosie, How was your day?  Daddy, I got a band-aid with butterflies.  

Nuff said. Third question to Adam.  How did you justify your time off? 

I got commissioned to go to Haiti.  I whacked weeds on three parts of our yard.  I pulled out scores of pine tree seedlings.  I dug a flower bed.  I moved bricks.  I yielded three wheelbarrows of compost.  

For Susie, same question:  Not such a good day.  Rose has a hematoma.  John got a blister on his hand when Jonny let told him to pull out his red-hot drill bit.  Mom is getting a home instead person.  She looks like she couldn’t hold anybody up.

Last question: What’s happening in the Bull City?  The primary is in two days. Hillary has an office near us.  It is a big office on a busy street.  There are four volunteers, all law students (Georgetown, Penn, GWU, and American.)  There is a table with lots of bags of once-hot monster thick burgers.  Now there are a lot of flies, trying to get the cheese off of some sticky paper plates.  

An Obama person canvassed me in the yard.  “Kind of a hot day to be working,” she said.  

This is Obama country.  


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