You ought to consider

Having spent the early part of a spring afternoon attending the first 10 minutes of an unneccesary meeting, I am strolling through downtown Durham with some time on my hands.

Downtown Durham has only a few places to eat. One is the Golden Arches. Did you see that McDonald’s has new lattes? I am thinking to myself, in fact, that one might taste pretty good.

I turn a corner and a building obscures my view. Its a nice building, though. The home of Rue Cler, our local French bistro. They have fresh bread in the early afternoon. I can smell it. There’s the distinct aroma of strong French-press coffee, too.


Everywhere, food.

But then I remember…I am fasting this week.

Say what you will about the spiritual and moral power of fasting. I will say that it is for another blog. Let me tell you something about fasting. Starving is really convenient. All of those nail biters — like, should I see what that new iced Mocha is like at McD’s? Or, should I turn around and get one of those beignets?

Poof, gone. Fasting removes a whole element of anxiety in my life.

Even reading the New York Times, I can suddenly dispense with entire areas of world concern.

The only downside is the pressing forcefulness of an untended appetite.
Do not get me wrong. I do not mean to make light of the misery of others for whom hunger is a real problem. For me, its an elected plan, and a temporary one at that. It is important to recognize the troubles of people who do experience hunger without the opportunity to quell it at any moment.


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