Big Changes

I am the person behind the big new renovation in our kitchen.

There was a time when we were keeping the measuring cups on top of the microwave, in the corner behind the dinner table. Not any longer! Now the measuring cops are on top of the range.

That was my idea.

People ask ‘what else is going on?’ The thing I have to let them know about first and foremost, after the cups, is that John has learned to ride his bike. I know how these things are supposed to work. Fall down, get up, fall down again, but sooner or later it all pays off. Except that it wasn’t that way. John had some training wheels, but they made it difficult to ride. So we took them off. From that moment on, John rode his bike. He took a four mile ride the next day. This past weekend, he went five miles.

He has also suddenly become tall. If you are a parent, or the friend of one, then you are probably familiar with the height and weight indices that are adjusted for age. Well, John came home at around 20 percent in both. In a few years of regular meals, he’s at 80 percent now in both.

Kathy Mason is here. Kathy’s community, once known as the Bruderhof but now referred to more vaguely (and more like a sign outside the gate of a housing development) as “The Community at Platte Clove,” decided to send her down for ten days. We have been sharing candy bags, lemon curd, cheese danishes and Rummikub.


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