It is fall.  The time of the year when I think what I could have done to have prevented all of these leaves from showing up again.

“I need a chain saw,” I declare.  I am sitting in the kitchen with John and Susie.  I am imagining a yard free of reedy pine trees.  I am imagining a place where sun shines, and no canopy reaches out to obstruct it from reaching my grass, my annuals, my coneflower, my lilies.

Susie rolls her eyes.  Nothing is said, but a lot is expressed.

John, seated on a small stool next to the refrigerator, folds his hands and draws in his breath.

“Definitely, you need to get one.”

“I know!  I need one with 40 ccs, an 18 inch blade, and it has got to be gas-powered!” I had an electric power tool once.  No thanks.  Those are misnamed.  A better name would be a bulky way to carry a do nothing something around the yard.

“Or maybe, Dad, you need a Raminator.  Yeah, those’ll do it. ”

I am a little bit tickled.  These are the pearls that children throw before their parents.

“A raminator is big!  It’ll go right over those trees!  It’ll blow ’em down! It’ll bust ’em up!”

“Er, John, that sounds great.  Maybe we can get one at the Home Depot.”  I say that because, really, I’m just angling to get over there and I’d gladly take him.  Looking for a Raminator, we would be, on which aisle?

“No dad, you just get them on the Internet.”

Well, I should have realized that.  Of course, you just get a Raminator on the internet.  Maybe that site has chain saws, too!

I walk into the office.  John comes with me.  I realize, as I type r-a-m….  that I might be dialing into the wrong site.  This could be a risk.

There is something at www.raminator.com

in fact.

IN fact, its something of pure unadulterated joy.  The kind of thing that all four-year -old boys of any age can understand.


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