An important question

We are in the long days of summer.  August, when as one critic put it, all of the extremes of nature emerge.  Cicadas, hurricanes, rows of corn….

Since I’m on vacation this week, I’d like to throw out a question to readers of Samson Doggie.  Let you do the work this time.  What I want to know is this:  if and when I toast a marshmallow in a fire, and if this marshmallow contains 40 calories, then how many calories will it contain if it catches fire and burns a portion of its surface?  Will it still contain 40, or will it contain less?


2 Responses to “An important question”

  1. killion Says:

    It depends on the level of burn, if its just browned then the sugar has mearly caramelized, so it has the same number of calories. If it becomes charred then it has burned off some calories. It will also weigh less.

    If your curious you could make your own calorimeter out of a couple cans and a thermometer. You should also purchase some safety glasses and a lab coat if you choose to go this route.

  2. susiepostrust Says:

    I would say it has fewer calories after getting burned a little. But, that said, I know what you do with marshmellows that you toast over the fire. And if you really want to know the calorie count, you have to also figure in the dark chocolate and graham crackers you use when making your somemores.

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