I have spent a lot of time in school. Not enough to bag a doctorate. That would be nice. Still, I have spent more time than most in a chair. I can really take good notes. Sometimes I take notes so well that people get nervous, or ask to copy them. It all depends.

One thing that I have never done is take a class at a community college. This week, though, I changed that. I have enrolled in Introduction to Financial Accounting at Durham Tech. I remember going to night school with my dad in Missouri. He took classes in automotive mechanics. There was a huge bay, evenly lit by an overhead bank of lights.

My reaction is that we are spending a lot of time learning “what is going to be on the test.” Most of what I want to say is considered “off-topic.” As in, ‘aren’t some auditor reports written by firms that also have large consulting contracts with the same firms that they are auditing? How many million dollar deals can Price Waterhouse Coopers do with Johnson and Johnson on selling IBM computers before their auditing relationship seems questionable?”


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