Samson Doggie would like everyone to check out a link. Sometime back, I spent a few days pasting some photos on to an online publishing site. I was making a hand out for one of CRA-NC’s conferences, a calendar of abandoned mobile homes. It is a pain to make those calendar’s at Kinko’s, so instead we made them through an online publisher.

Lo and behold, the free press found it. Today the little calendar that I made up for fun is reaching 23 million readers. It’s the fifth one down.

In another great moment for the free press, three of my all-time favorite authors, some of whom only publish books once every eight years, have all managed to have new novels/works of nonfiction ready for the fall. Richard Ford, Cormac McCarthy, and Jonathan Franzen all have new books out. How wonderful.

Where do you get organic fertilizer for your yard?


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