What will he say next

John: “Why do cars hit people? Why is it bad? Why?”
Always he ends with that same rejoinder. I kneel to face him eye to eye. His face is slightly bent, like a Japanese in a moment of dishonor. John might hear me now.
“You can’t run in the road because cars do not see you.” Using words like dangerous is lost, I suppose, because they rely on Telling when he needs Showing. I can’t show what happens when a car hits a little boy, of course.
I am feeling like I am stuck in a battle that will only be waged with time and patience.
He speaks again.
“Why did Jesus die? Who killed him? Did Daniel help?”


911 Urban Avenue welcomes Joan, member of Bruderhof and new family friend, to our cast of family and friends. Joan will be with us for about two months. She grew up in England and has the accent to show for it. Like Kathy, she likes marmite, gardens, and walks. She brings a new openness to dogs and adds to our appetite for watercoloring. Joan has worked as a 5th and 6th grade teacher in Catskill. Her favorite newspaper section is the International page. She likes tea. ‘Nuff said.


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