grandmother rules

Now in Connecticut visiting my mother.

Everything is a bit different with kids on the road. We could not bring all of our kid property with us. We do not have a stroller. We do not have a full changing station. And, there is never a familiar place for either child to unwind. But there are some things that are better to the kids. Rosie loves the attention from Katie-Baba.

We had lunch yesterday, while trying to get away to Brooklyn. Watermelon (yellow) and peanut butter on bread. Some ham and cheese. But then Katie-baba moves in with a chocolate chip cookie. And then she adds a popsicle. Rosie eats the popsicle in her left hand. Then moves to the right for a draw on the cook. Sort of like Ralph Macchio — popsicle on, cookie off. repeat.


“Susie! Look at that cemetery!” I shout. We are driving across the whitestone bridge. This is a large bridge that leads into New York City. There is a bit of water and then a large cemetery. It is an overcast day. The skyline of New York hangs behind a curtain of white mist. The layering is quite an effect. Rectangular graves in the foreground, rectangular skyscrapers in the rear.

“Take a picture!” I continue. Susie picks up the camera. The camera is conveniently in the passenger seat foot area. I continue my instructions.

“See, there’s the cemetery…” I am motioning with my fingers at the composition of choice.


Yep. You could have imagined what came next. Bumper to the Sienna in front of us. Bam.

We stop. I turn off the car. I can tell that the car ahead is not damaged, but there is a custom here.

I get out.

A woman emerges from the car in front. She is asian, about 40, with a ponytail. She looks exhausted and confused. Maybe sleepy.

“Do you want to exchange information?” I ask. It is the normal thing to ask. There is no damage to my car. Everything seems straight. She grabs her neck.

“You hit me.”

The words spill out slowly. You……hit……me…

Yes, it is true.

“Yes,” I say. “I did.”

Cars are backing up in our lane. Do I need to mention that this is the Whitestone Bridge at 5 pm on Thursday afternoon?

“Do you want to say, exchange cards?” I continue.

“Forget it.”


Back in the car:

“Damn,” says Susie.

“No,” I assure her, “its ok. No damage. And I definitely hit her.”

“I couldn’t get that window to open,” says Susie. “I totally missed the picture.”


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