Farewell Kathy: You are our Best

We returned Kathy to her home at Catskill community yesterday. After 14 months, the time finally came for Kathy to be back with her family. As our minivan pulled out of the lower circle, even Rosie realized that a moment of gravity was taking place. John understood exactly the implication of the event.

“I am very disappointed,” says John. “Why does Kathy want to stay at Catskill?”

I think John would like to stay at Catskill. It is a lot of fun to be there. Let’s see — in three days — we went fishing, took a pony ride, swam in waterfalls, and sang guitar songs. I ran to a mountain lake every morning.

On Monday morning two days ago, I looked at my watch to check the time. It was 8:15 am. I had just finished weeding a blueberry patch for an hour. I had already gone running and swam in a lake. I had eaten breakfast with about fifteen other people. And soon, I would be fastening Rifton equipment in the factory shop. Quite a morning!

Kathy shepherded us through the birth of Rosie and the death of Zeddie. She has shared late night chocolates and tea with us for many evenings. We introduced her to email, computers, the mall, and religion with liturgy. She went to prison ministry. She got to know Rose and Phyllis and even put up with Samson. She is the godparent to Rosie.

We drove down aptly named Danger Road (Route 16) and off into the horizon. Joan will join us in Brooklyn shortly.


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