Growing Season

Rosie has made use of daddy and mommy. She has not learned a verbal “no,” although she does have a “yeah.” She shakes her head. Her new word is “Samson.” I think that we are about to witness a lot of growth out of her. She eats more than John these days. Yesterday they both picked strawberries. Rosie ate a lot of them.

Right now I cannot spend enough time in my garden. We made a raised bed for tomatoes on Saturday. It is eight by four. We put in two better boys and a lemon boy. Susie will put in the rest soon. The soil is a special blend — almost forty percent manures — to appeal to those plants. I put in some monster hostas as well.

Poll: What do you say to someone who grew up in the 80s, and yet cannot recognize a bitchin’ camaro?


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