Time for playing in the dirt

This is the time of the year for resurrecting some great past times.

Baseball will soon return. I admit that I care. I am not alone. Kathy likes baseball. John is going to like baseball. I believe that baseball fans should be loyal. If your team won the World Series in 1985, no amount of misery should be reason to make you change your mind.

Gardening is here, too. Ever seen an aqualegia? How about a really great astible? Maybe you settle for a hosta.

I think hosta lovers are probably like Yankees fans. Everyone doesn’t have to like hostas. You know, Cardinals fans are a bit like pussy willows. I built a four foot by eight foot planter in my front yard. Right now, it looks like an unfinished tomb. I suppose the neighbors are chuckling. But they are just cutting their liropi, right?

While we are at it, no one has to plant another azalea, either.

Peter Sellers starred in a movie about gardening and politics. The two are a lot alike, on a very simple level. That was his device for humor.


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