The end is near

John made us proud this morning. I will write as opaquely as possible, but let’s just say that he made the Giant Step. No more diapers.

I was on the phone with Susie to hear a report on the details:

“You are going to be so proud of John,” she says. “He has a Big Announcement. John, tell us what you did…”

John stands up. He is ready to grab the phone. Like the rest of us, he walks while he talks. But first, he points at his product. Whereupon, he drops his matchbox car into the pot.

“Hold on,” Susie says.”
“Oh no! Oh no…” line goes dead.

What I have since learned is that a series of accidents followed. John picked up his car. Susie grabbed the car with a wipe. The wipe and the car went away. But Samson picked up a wipe from the pot. He dropped it on the floor. I think it spiraled from there.

Did you ever go to a dinner party that turned into eight people listening to one person provide their medical narrative?


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