Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is poorly named. Maybe Super Big Blowhard Deal Sunday. Or maybe, Not My Kansas City Team again the year Sunday. Or maybe, What Patriotic Theme can we Adopt to Sell Beer and Gas Guzzling SUVs with Sunday.

But if you had to explain it to a person from the community formerly known as the Bruderhof, how would you describe it? (It deserves better than those descriptions.) And the hype needs to be explained as well. I have tried today to make a case for how this event is some kind of thing that unites us, that we all have in common, at a time when we are otherwise fragmented as a society. Also, that the advertisements are great.

What was Super today?

  • roly polies down the hill at Overton School.
  • Annie’s apple crisp
  • Getting an A1 Sunday article in the Salisbury Post on CRA-NC
  • new pictures of Rosie
  • Dark Beer Advertisement: players playing pickup football the way that drink their beer; darkly.
  • Sharpie click-pen Advertisement with Captain Hook.

Was your day Super?


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